Model 100
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Model 100
Sheet metal testing machine, with Erichsen cupping, up to 1.5 mm at 400 N/mm2
Sheet Metal Testing Machine

Model 100

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Sheet Metal Testing Machine

Model 100

The Sheet Metal Testing Machine Model 100 for manual operation provides a maximum drawing force of 30 kN and a blankholder force according to the standard, of 10 kN.

Application: The manually operated Testing Machine is intended for measuring the drawing qualities of ferrous and non-ferrous metal by means of the ERICHSEN CUPPING TEST in accordance withnorms and standards mentioned below on sheet and strip from 0.1 to 1.5 mm thick (400 N/mm² tensile strength) and on foil material in thicknesses down to 0.005 mm. Because it is easy to operate the machine, it is particularly suitable for use in factories only involved with a limited amount of sheet metal forming, and applications confined to thinner materials.

Purpose: The Sheet Metal Testing Machine, Model 100, provides a means to measure the drawing quality of sheet metal with very little effort.
By establishing the quality of material which is still just satisfactory for producing a particular drawn workpiece the lowest cost material suitable for the part can be established. The standardised ERICHSEN Cupping Test is in this way useful for the Purchasing Department, as part of an order specification.
The surface grain size is shown up clearly on the tip of the bulge produced in the Cupping Test.
No special skills are required to operate the machine. Anybody can use it after instruction.

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  1. ISO 8490
  2. EN 14-58
  3. EN 14-67
  4. EN ISO 20482
  5. JIS Z-2247

Technical specifications

Drawing Force

30 kN

Blank Holder Force

10 kN (fixed setting)

Drawing Speed




Test 1

Erichsen cupping

Portable / Stationary



approx. 340 x 350 x 450 mm (W x D x H)

Width of specimen panel

13 - 90 mm

Thickness of specimen panel

0.1 - 1.5 mm (foils - minimum thickness: 0.005 mm)

Punch stroke

max. 18 mm

Measuring result display

Digital (accuracy 0.1 mm)