Model 145/146
Universal sheet metal testing machine, Erichsen cupping and deep-draw testing and FLC, up to 600 kN tensile force
Universal-Sheet Metal Testing Machine


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Universal-Sheet Metal Testing Machine


The Universal Sheet Metal Testing Machine Model 145-60 belongs to the top-of-the-line models of our sheet metal testing machines. With a drawing force of 600 kN, including an increased blanking force and blank holder holder force for blank diameters up to 220 mm. The testing machines are equipped with electro-hydraulic drive, fully automatic test sequence and switch-off at specimen failure.

Application: This Sheet Metal Testing Machine is not only ideal for the effortless, quick and accurately all important and known-deep drawing tests for ferrous and non-ferrous metals, it is also designed for a large number of additional technological investigations like the ERICHSEN Cupping Test and the ERICHSEN Deep Drawing Cup Test.

Relevant attributes are: Square Cup Test (40 x 40 mm or 70 x 70 mm), Bore Expanding Test (ISO 16630), Determination of the Forming Limit Curves (FLC), LDH Test Deep Drawing Tests with Blankholder Quick Release (for Earing Test), Deep Drawing Tests with Preselected Punch Stroke Deep Drawing Test at High Temperatures up to 550 °C / 700 °C, Bulge Test in accordance with ISO 16808, ERICHSEN Cupping Test for Lacquer and Paint in accordance with DIN ISO 1520, Stamping Lacquer Test and Deep Drawing Cup Test on Coil Coatings.

Special Requirements on request.

The Testing Machine is driven electro-hydraulically. The test sequence is controlled automatically or manually as appropriate. A programme logic controller is used for the functions of the machine (optional computer controls). The drawing force and blankholder force as well as the drawing punch stroke are digitally displayed. The triple-acting hydraulic system in conjunction with the general design results in the following cost saving simplifications:

  • Blanking press in the test head
  • Hydraulic cup ejector
  • Fully-automatic test sequence.


  1. ISO 8490
  2. EN 14-58
  3. EN 14-67
  4. EN ISO 20482
  5. JIS Z-2247
  6. DIN EN 1669
  7. ISO 11 531
  8. JIS Z 2249
  9. GB/T 15825
  10. ISO 12004
  11. ISO 16808

Technical specifications

Drawing Force

600 kN

Drawing Speed

1000 mm/min



Test 1

Erichsen cupping

Test 2

Deep Draw Test

Test 3

Hole Expansion

Test 4


Test 5