SledCutter 295 XVII
Sledcutter 295 XVII
Sledcutter 295 XVII Scope of delivery
Sledcutter 295 XVII Testing
Sledcutter 295 XVII Multi-Cut-Adapter
Standardised cross-cut tests on a wide variety of coating materials; manual application of defined cross-cut patterns to coated test panels
Cross Hatch Cutting and Adhesion Testing

SledCutter 295 XVII

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Cross Hatch Cutting and Adhesion Testing

SledCutter 295 XVII

The SledCutter 295 XVII is used for the manual application of defined cross-cut patterns to coated test panels, but without the known limitations of purely manual guidance that are associated with working with hand-held devices (handles with cutting tools), such as often strong fluctuations in the applied cutting force and angles in the cutting grid that may deviate too significantly.

The adjustable cutting force allows the comparable testing of even large series without fatigue or risk of injury to the user, whereby the linear guided cutting movement, the adjustable stop and the fixable path limitation enable very precise grid cutting patterns with an accurate 90° angle.

The SledCutter 295 XVII is a table-top device. The carriage is equipped with a linear guide (plain bearing) and is moved by hand. The tester has a height-adjustable load arm with load arm rocker. Defined cross-cut patterns can be easily applied using the multi-cut adapter and cutting tool with a choice of 6 cutting edges included in the scope of delivery.

There is a choice of three cutting tools with different cutting distances (6x1 mm, 6x2 mm or 6x3 mm), whereby each cutting tool is equipped with four cutting edges, allowing a total of three changes to the next sharp cutting edge after wear.

The required scribing force is set by moving and fixing the rider weight on the load arm, with a possible setting range of 2 - 40 N (60 N with additional load weight).

Principle of the test

The adhesive strength of paints and similar coatings is not only a mechanical feature, i.e. a property that characterises the adhesion between the coating and the base material, but also plays a role in determining the tendency to corrosion. This is known to occur preferentially where the protective coating is easily detached from the base material. For many years, the cross-cut test has been the best known and most frequently used adhesion test method for a wide variety of coating materials on a wide variety of substrates.

The standardised cross-cut test offers a good opportunity to determine the adhesion strength by simple means.

Carrying out the test

After setting the desired scribing force, the Multi-Cut adapter with cutting body is placed on the test sheet to be scribed in a controlled manner. The scribing process is carried out by pulling the carriage evenly towards the handle. A moderate speed that is not too fast has proven to be effective for this, which experience has shown can only be transferred in a very controlled manner with outstretched arms using a backward movement of the user's legs. After the first cut, the test panel is rotated by 180°. The second cut is then made with the same force. The coating is cut with defined, right-angled and intersecting cuts until the substrate is recognisable throughout, for which it may be useful to adjust the cutting force on the load arm as required.

The resulting grid-like cutting pattern is then assessed visually by comparing the damage pattern caused by the cut edges breaking off and/or pieces flaking off with the corresponding schematic diagrams in the standard and assigning a corresponding characteristic value to the result (e.g. using the assessment table based on EN ISO 2409).

Scope of delivery

  • SledCutter 295 XVII
  • Multi-Cut-Adapter
  • Cutter with 6 cutting edges of your choice (6x1 mm, 6x2 mm or 6x3 mm cutting distance, without Manufacturer's Test Certificate)
  • Adjustable support weight (40 N)
  • 3 tare weights
  • Circular spirit level
  • Allen key SW2
  • Operating instructions

Technical specifications

Test 1

Cross-cut test

Dimensions (LxWxH)

approx. 600 x 400 x 160 mm


approx. 18 kg

Scribing force

approx. 2 - 40 N (with optional additional weight approx. 60 N)

Max. Scribing length

approx. 220 mm

Max. Dimensions of the sample panels (length x width x thickness)

300 x 200 x 20 mm