QuintSonic T
Non-destructive layer thickness measurement with ultrasound, mobile up to 8 layers, up to max. 6900 µm
Coating Thickness Gauge (Digital)

QuintSonic T

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Coating Thickness Gauge (Digital)

QuintSonic T

QuintSonic T measures of up to eightcoatings in a single operation.

It can measure polymer coatings such as paints, varnishes and synthetic material, as well as glass, ceramic or metallic coatings on virtually any substrate.

Precise and easy to handle, QuintSonic T can measure all typical coating systems such as:

  • Lacquers on synthetic material
  • Synthetic material on wood
  • Glass on metal
  • and many more.

Featuring a generous 8-inch display, QuintSonic offers a user-friendly overview of the result of measurement as well as the corresponding course of the ultrasonic signal (A-scan). Parameters for signal adjustment are displayed simultaneously and can thus bie adapted to the current measurement with significant time savings. Subsequient adjustment of parameters is also possible through the new memory option for A-scans.

In addition, QuintSonic T is characterized by simple handling via touch screen and intuitive user guidance. The measuring program also offers a clear data structure with integrated test report generation.

QuintSonic T is also ideally suited for harsher environments due to IP 67 & MIL-STD 810 G and extremely resistant Gorilla® glass.

Purpose and Application:

Non-destructive measurement of:

  • Varnish, synthetic materials, glass, enamel and other coatings on wood, synthetic materials, glass, metal and ceramic
  • Metal coatings on synthetic materials, ceramic and wood
  • Up to 8 coatings in a single operation.

Also suitable for wall thickness measurement.

Measuring principles:

Ultrasonic reflection (DIN EN ISO 2808, method 10)


  • Quick evaluation of the measuring signal, high accuracy and repeatability owing to the sensor-integrated digital 32-bit signal processing  (SIDSP®)
  • Over 40 measuring values per minute: start, wait for 1 second, done.
  • Mere 5 mm measuring area enables gathering measurement on tiny and curved parts

Scope of delivery:

  • QuintSonic SIDSP®-Sensor
  • SIDSP®-Sensorkabel
  • Industrial tablet equipped with evaluation software
  • Tablet stand
  • Operating manual German / English
  • 1 bottle coupling gel, 100 ml
  • 1 bottle Aqua dest (couplant), 100 ml
  • Single layer standard for gauge verification
  • Plastic carrying case

Technical specifications

Layer Thickness

up to 6900 µm



Wet / Dry




Multiple Coating Ability


Portable / Stationary


Measuring range

max 6900 µm / max. 271.65 mils (adjustable in ranges of 400 µm / 15.75 mils, 900 µm / 35.5 mils, 1900 µm / 74.8 mils, 3900 µm / 153.5 mils for a velocity of bei 2375 m/s / 1.475 mi- les / second for all layers in order achieve most precise scanning)

Minimum layer thickness

Approx. 10 µm / 0.4 mils (depending on the velocity of the material to be measured)

Minimum area for measurement

5 mm Ø / 0.2 inch Ø (contact area 11 mm Ø / 0.44 inch Ø)


0.1 µm / 0.004 mils


± (1 µm / 0.04 mils + 1 %) of reading provided calibration was effected with a cross cut standard


Calibration of sound velocity for up to eight layers

Operating temperature

+5..+50°C / +41..+122°F

Storage temperature

-10..+50°C / +14..+122°C