Pendulum Damping Tester Model 299/300
For paints and coatings according to König and Persoz, with automatic measuring

Pendulum Damping Tester Model 299/300

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Pendulum Damping Tester Model 299/300

The pendulum damping test carried out with the Model 299/300 pendulum damping tester is used to assess the mechanical damping behaviour of lacquers, paints and similar coatings.

Test Principle: The "softer" the coating is, the more damped the vibrations of a standardized pendulum supported on the test surface will be.

Design and Function: The tester stand consists of a levellable base plate and a column. The column has a sample holder for test panels of max. 250 x 100 x 15 mm. A cover made of acrylic glass with openings for the sample intake is used to protect against dust and drafts. The pendulum damping tester is carried out externally using an operator terminal.

As optional accessories two different pendulums with yokes, made of rust-resistant steel, are available:

  • Pendulum in accordance with König, conforming to DIN
    53 157
  • Pendulum in accordance with Persoz, conforming to
    NF T 30-016

The pendulum is automatically adjusted, avoiding time-consuming fine-setting of the light barrier.

Two different measuring modules are available:

  • Basic version
    • The excursion of the pendulum is effected manually by way of a lever mechanism. The pendulum is actuated by way of cable release.
  • Automatic version
    • The excursion and actuation of the pendulum are effected automatically. The automatic version offers the following additional advantages:
      • user-friendly operation
      • consistent test results
      • simple change of pendulum type

In both versions the pendulum type is entered on the control terminal. Readings on the 4-digit LC display show alternatively

  • the number of oscillations,
  • the length of test or
  • the period of oscillation

Reference Class: Both versions (manual/automatic) of Model 299/300 are supplied with a Manufacturer’s Certificate M in accordance with DIN 55 350-18 that includes among others the following information:

  • Actual and setting values for the oscillation quantities of the pendulum,
  • evenness of the calibrating plate,
  • product identification,
  • test equipments used with calibration status,
  • date,
  • name of inspector.

By means of one calibrated König and Persoz pendulum each the actual values of the number of oscillations, the duration of oscillation as well as the period are determined for the basic instrument and compared with the setting values.

Scope of delivery:

  • Pendulum damping tester, Model 299/300
    • without pendulum and measuring module
  • Protective acrylic glass hood
  • Calibrating plate with Manufacturer’s Test Certificate
  • Box level
  • Operating instructions
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  1. SNV 37 112
  2. SIS 18 41 86
  3. NEN 5319
  4. VDA 621 - 410
  5. DIN 53 157
  6. DIN ISO 1522
  7. ASTM D 4366
  8. NF T 30 016
  9. BS 3900 : E5

Technical specifications



Portable / Stationary


Basic instrument: Dimensions

approx. 700 mm x 325 mm x 345 mm (H x W x D)

Basic instrument: Net weight

approx. 17 kg

Measuring Module (basic version): Dimensions

approx. 60 mm x 235 mm x 70 mm (H x W x D)

Measuring Module (basic version): Net weight

approx. 0.5 kg

Measuring Module (automatic version): Dimensions

approx. 65 mm x 235 mm x 107 mm (H x W x D)

Measuring Module (automatic version): Net weight

approx. 0.75 kg

Control Terminal: Dimensions

approx. 35 mm x 167 mm x 65 mm (H x W x D)

Control Terminal: Net weight

approx. 0.4 kg

Supply voltage

230 VAC +/- 10 %

Power consumption

25 VA